Guns and Grandmas

by scabeen on May 16, 2013

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My granddaughter is turning four this year and is wild about horses.  That surely is a sign of her recognition of the exceptionalism of our United
States.   The horse opened the West long before the railroad.  The horse is a symbol of freedom and independence.  Our equine friend needs no government-built roads, no licensing or policing.  Just pure raw freedom.  Something a four year old can really get behind.  She just might like to get behind her own rifle too and happily Crickett Firearms builds child-sized guns for little shooters.  Only one bullet, so she’ll have to be a good shot to hit her target, which builds discipline.

These pink and colorful guns got my attention recently after an unfortunate incident where a five year old boy shot and killed his little sister.  Boy guns come in Patriot Blue and Red or Camo.  The parents of the shooter must not have been watching him so of course they are at fault, though that five year old must have been pretty stupid to point the gun at his sister and shoot.  Unless of course he was very angry with her.  There is no telling what she might have done.  Some two and three year olds can really get on your nerves.

After the lamentable accident, took away their cute web photos of starter guns held by their pre-school and Kindergarden owners.  Not to worry,  you can see them below!  They were so adorable that I saved them the day after the fatality. The childish guns are no longer featured for sale online either, but still might be available under the counter at the gun store.  In their place are pledges for children to sign saying they promise not do anything unsafe or naughty with a gun and brochures about home gun safety.  So, sadly you can’t order online right now, but I have a feeling that this will soon be remedied after a sensitive lapse of time to facilitate the memory to do its work of forgetfulness.  These children are a valuable long term investment for the gun industry unless they find themselves on the wrong end of the rifle.Crickett2-630




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Linda Phillips May 17, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Shirley, This is absolutely shocking and disgusting. I was aware of
the recent case of the young boy shooting his little Sister to death.
But had no idea these type of guns were/are marketed. I have taken
a lot of time to sign anti-gun petitions over the years, and contribute
what funds I can to such organizations, since Jim Brady was shot and
paralyzed in the assassination attempt on President Reagan. I will
continue to do so. Thank you.

Carolyn Goodart May 18, 2013 at 6:57 am

Oh, Shirley, I too was disgusted with that incident. It’s hard to imagine parents that stupid. But it’s worse to imagine a gun manufacturer that insidious.

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